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As the tides of the automotive industry shift, your marketing strategy should, too. With the rise of electric vehicles (EV), it would be wise to include plenty of EV content on your website. Those who are interested in an electric vehicle may look to local dealerships for knowledge, especially those who have only driven gas-powered cars, trucks, or SUVs.

If you are not sure of where to start, here are several EV pages and resources that we heavily suggest your dealership includes on your website:

New and Used EV SRPs

First things first, make sure those looking to purchase an EV from your dealership can find them on your website. Having dedicated new and used EV SRPs will allow shoppers to browse and compare the vehicles they have their eye on.

It also would not hurt to include Build and Price or Custom Order pages, offering customization options to the consumer.

EV Overview and Model Research

With many brands stepping into the EV fold, it is important to know that vehicle quality will not just be upheld, but improved through innovation. Change may cause some consumers to be wary of EVs, but Brand Overview pages, along with Model Pages and Trim Comparisons, allow the reader to better understand the technology and performance of an EV, just like the pages for their gas-powered counterparts.

Incentives - Tax Credits

Offered nationally and provided with specific amounts by states, tax credits or incentives may be up for grabs when buying an electric vehicle. For example, the California Clean Fuel Reward Program offers a certain amount of credit based on an EV’s model and engine type.

Charging Stations and Availability

Because trips to the charging station would be replaced with trips to the gas station, drivers in your area need to know where they can charge their vehicles. Charging Stations and Availability pages are not only useful – they help build trust between your dealership and community, as you make the adjustment process to EV easier.

Maintenance and Repair

Like gas-powered vehicles, a trip to the service center may be inevitable. If the first-time owner of an electric vehicle starts to experience issues, they may look for service centers in their area. Having EV Maintenance and Repair pages such as EV Battery Service or Model Service Intervals can help attract EV owners to your service center.

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