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The PCG Digital team is excited to be back this February at NADA! Since you last saw us at The Modern Retailing Conference, our team has been working on education development, in-person and virtual consulting, testing, and brainstorming to keep our dealers up to speed on the latest digital strategies for automotive. 

We know dealers feel frustrated with their marketing, spending thousands of dollars a month while unsure if they are driving results. It’s a story as old as time in the automotive space. Let’s explore a few ways PCG’s team can help you navigate the NADA floor and feel confident in your digital marketing in 2024–now we’re even rhyming!

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Customer Data Platform Research

Brian Pasch has been at the forefront of CDP research since its earliest buzz in 2022. Brian’s recent report, “The Rise of CDPs in Automotive Retail”, uncovers why dealers need to develop an omnichannel client database that acts as a single source of truth for each consumer in their portfolio. What’s unique about PCG Digital’s approach to CDPs is that it isn’t  a one-size-fits-all solution. We can in fact integrate with any CDP your dealership chooses. 

Right now, our team of specialists is working with Orbee to utilize custom audience segments in our digital advertising to drive more quality traffic and achieve better results for our clients. If you’re coming to NADA with the goal of investing in a CDP, you’ll want to stop at Booth 6560N first to speak with Brian and get unbiased answers to your questions. 

Digital Consulting

You have an in-house marketing team at your dealership and you want to ensure 2024 is the year they take your digital advertising to the next level. Glenn Pasch, our consulting expert, offers virtual and in-person consulting for dealerships of all sizes. Glenn’s in-person consulting allows him to dive deep into your dealership’s day-to-day processes and detect where potential performance-hindering obstacles are occurring. This in-person analysis allows Glenn to have more impactful weekly remote communication with your team to provide real-time feedback and actionable improvement plans. This digital consulting also includes a CRM audit to ensure your dealership is using your data effectively.  Don’t forget to attend Glenn’s workshop Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd!

Are You Confident In Your Marketing Mix?

The number of digital touchpoints between a consumer’s first introduction to your brand and when they decide to purchase a car from you increases every year. Currently, a customer hits an average of 23 digital touchpoints before converting. 

Yup, I know what you’re thinking: so this means I have to be everywhere? The short answer is yes. Let the PCG Digital team analyze your current paid media strategy to see what’s actually converting and what’s all fluff. We take that analysis and show you where you can better allocate resources and marketing budget this year. 

Make  2024 the last year you hire a marketing vendor and the first year you gain a true marketing partner. Whether it’s Meta, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, TikTok, email marketing, or OTT, PCG is here to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of digital marketing for automotive.

Our Exclusive Dealer Dinner

If talking shop on the showroom floor isn’t your style, join us for an exclusive dealer dinner on February 2nd at Smith and Wollensky’s. To keep our conversations customized and in-depth we are capping this dinner at 8 dealers.

Reserve your spot now for great food, conversation, and insight that you won’t hear on the showroom floor. Check reservation availability here!

Did I Mention Our Giveaways?

Forget about the pens and pop sockets and visit PCG’s Booth for some real swag. Dealers have a chance to enter to win a New Citizen watch or Louis Vuitton wallet. Winners will be announced Friday and Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 12 PM.

Picture of Sarah Ciociola
Sarah Ciociola
Sarah is the Paid Media Director and the Audit Coordinator. What she loves most about her job is the creativity and collaboration that goes into her work every day. When Sarah isn’t working you can find her at the beach, trying out new restaurants, spending time with her friends and family, or going to find the best iced-coffee she can get her hands on.

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