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Writing quality content is important, that the way your content is presented is just as important. Seeing a large block of text on a page can be overwhelming and may cause readers to shy away from actually reading the great things you have to say. Formatting your content also makes the page look more pleasing to the eye and helps the reader find the information they are looking for. Here are a few tips to help format your content to make it easier to read and more appealing to your audience.

Keep Paragraphs Short

Writing shorter paragraphs can be the difference between someone reading through your content or leaving your website and looking for more concise information elsewhere. One way to keep your reader on the page is to make the information look easier to read. So if you find yourself with a larger paragraph try splitting it into two smaller paragraphs instead.

Splitting up large blocks of text is another useful tactic that goes along with keeping your paragraphs short. For example this information could have been added to the paragraph above but now it’s less intimidating to read and it looks better on the page.

Bullet Points and Lists

Using bullet points and lists also makes your content quicker to read and helps the reader locate important information. A few benefits to using bullet points and lists include:

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Important points are highlighted
  • Content becomes less intimidating
  • Readers are more likely to stay on the page


Headings or headers help separate paragraphs and organize your ideas and concepts. Readers can spot information faster when it’s bigger and bolder making it easier to find what they are looking for within your content. HTML headers can be used in different sizes depending on what part of the page you’re on. For example an h1 is used for the very first title on the page because it should be the largest. As you move through different sections headers should become smaller like an h2 or an h3.


Using visuals is also a great way to break up the page and make it more interesting. There are so many visual elements that you can choose from. Using images or stock photos can help enhance the story that the text is trying to tell the reader. You can also use visuals like graphs or tables to present information clearly, making it easier to absorb.

Use Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are links that get embedded into your text and they are an easy way for readers to find information within the text. Hyperlinks are also helpful resources that lead the reader to more information or next steps if added into a call to action. For example adding a hyperlink to “contact us” at the end of your content can lead your audience to a contact form or phone number so they can reach out with any questions. Hyperlinks are always underlined as well making them easy to spot.

Next time you sit down to write a blog post or a website page give these content formatting tips a try. Readers want to see information that is easy to process. By utilizing even a few of these tips in your writing it could make all the difference when someone goes to read your content. Remember to just keep it simple and have some fun with all of the possible ways that you can format your content!


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