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Even before the recent rise in gasoline prices, electric vehicles have been poised to take the automotive industry by storm. What makes an all-electric future seemingly inevitable? PCG Digital is here to provide a bigger picture.

Big Car Brands are Embracing Electric

Whether you’re buying a car or own a car dealership, a variety of car brands moving towards electric is noteworthy. Jaguar is looking to be an all-electric brand by 2025 while Volvo is looking to do the same by 2030.

General Motors plans to make only electric vehicles by 2035 while Ford projects all vehicles sold in Europe will be electric by 2030. Volkswagen makes a similar prediction, saying 70% of its sales will be electric by 2030.

Meanwhile, Lincoln has a new SUV concept vehicle that marks their first foray into the all-electric business. This isn’t just a few, small brands – these are heavy hitters in the automotive industry, fully prepared to meet the future before it lands on their doorstep.

What Does All-Electric Mean for Dealerships and Consumers?

With big brands heavily investing in an all-electric future, it only makes sense that dealerships and consumers do the same. That doesn’t necessarily mean to filter out all gas engines in your inventory or replace your current vehicle with an electric one tomorrow – just be aware that times could change and do so fast.

BBC’s Justin Rowlatt likened the all-electric future of automotive to the boom of the internet, and considering how much of a role the internet plays in our daily lives, it’s best to not be caught off guard. If big car brands are shifting their long-term future to electric over gas, dealerships and consumers should take note accordingly.

Will the projection of an all-electric automotive industry come to pass? Only time will tell. Stay up to date with our PCG Digital blog to learn more about content, SEO and more.

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