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In our everyday conversation, it is often not what you say but how you say it. The same can apply to the content you write. We hear the same rules all of the time. Be conversational, make things simple but not too simple, always include a CTA, and so on.

But how can you use all of these techniques in your dealership’s content and copy the easy way? The simple answer: Storytelling. Painting a complete picture keeps your audience engaged and loyal. It also keeps them present and receptive to whatever you have to say.

Focus on the Feeling

Whether you are selling a brand-new car or routine maintenance services, you must delight the senses of your customers. What do you want to make them feel? Or maybe even not feel? Are you selling a story of transformation?

You may even borrow from your memories of car buying to add a familiar flair to your story. For example, “The frustration of not having a car but desperately needing one, always asking family and friends for rides instead of going to places on your own accord.”

Then transitioning to a life of freedom, coming and going as you please, being in control of your schedule and how early you get to places. Instilling this type of imagery in your writing is more likely to grab their attention and keep it.

Who Are You Talking To?

Get specific and crystal clear about your protagonist and their journey. For example, are they a family of five looking for the perfect everyday ride that works for extended road trips during the holidays? Are they the parents of a recent high school graduate who needs a new car for college?

No matter what their story is, speak to them through your copy. Zeroing in on specifics and details attracts your targeted audience. Making your content broad and open-ended will not have any emotional appeal to draw them in.

Have Fun With the Story You Are Telling

When in doubt, tell a great story. We all love a good story. We recall plots to movies, TV shows, and even personal anecdotes from our family members. Why? Because it sticks with us and provides value.

If you can successfully garner the skill of storytelling, you will always have an audience willing to listen and take action on what you have to say. To learn more about how to adapt your content marketing strategy contact the PCG Digital team today!

Picture of Latee' Wilburn
Latee' Wilburn
Lateé Wilburn is a PCG Digital Content Specialist. Outside of content and copywriting, she also enjoys watching horror movies with friends, getting cozy with a good book, and playing with her two dogs, Daisy & Peanut.

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