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Google Analytics 4 introduces a new generation of analytics that collects event-based data from websites and apps. Transforming how the auto industry understands consumer behavior, measures marketing success, and builds audience profiles, those involved within the automotive industry need to be well-versed in the upcoming change.

To help you become accustomed to and understand GA4, we invite you to join us in Palm Beach, Florida in November for the Modern Retailing Conference hosted by Brian Pasch Enterprise (BPE).

Attendees of this educational event will participate in three days of interactive workshops, groundbreaking strategies, new products, and innovative speakers designed to cover all levels of your evolving dealership. With Google Analytics 4 as one of the premier educational tracks, MRC is a perfect opportunity to learn more about upcoming changes.

Why is the GA4 Transition Important to Know for Auto Dealers?

The transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 introduces a new system for tracking analytics. It is a brand new data collecting and organizing tool that your dealership needs to be informed about. GA4 offers more flexibility to measure user experience and marketing performance data across your website.

Why Does the Automotive Industry Need a GA4 Specification?

The GA4 specifications that most industry leaders believe dealerships will benefit from with this transition include:

  • Easy & Reliable Roll-Up Reporting
  • Replacing Vague Conversion Definitions
  • Removing Clunky Tag Manager Containers
  • Covering a Large Majority of Web Platforms & DR Tools
  • Dramatic Improvement of Google Ad Campaigns
  • Add Unique Events for Product Visibility

What Can You Expect to Learn About GA4 at MRC?

With various workshops and discussions centered around GA4 at the Modern Retailing Conference, dealers will understand the importance of getting set up as soon as possible. GA4 Council Members will also provide hands-on training to gather your data now.

After July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process data and officially begin using Google Analytics 4. Your proactiveness in adjusting to the transition to GA4 ensures your dealership’s data is protected and avoids disruptions to year-over-year data comparisons. Setting up GA4 as soon as possible can lead to:

  • Improved reporting
  • A better understanding of the buying journey
  • More targeted campaigns
  • Greater marketing ROI

Purchase Tickets for Modern Retailing Conference Today

Secure your ticket today for the Modern Retailing Conference, and bring your laptop and logins to get trained and up-to-date on Google Analytics 4. Partaking in this educational event prepares your dealership for changes coming quickly to the auto industry.

Brian Pasch, the founder of PCG Digital, has created the Automotive Standards Council for GA4, which will offer future training and guidelines for GA4. To receive more updates and training tips regarding GA4, feel free to contact the PCG Team.

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