Updating Old Content in Search | Content Marketing

Chances are, you probably have some content on your website that’s performing quite well...

That usually means you have a worthy piece of best-practice writing.

While reviewing your data for those worthy content pieces you’ll inevitably find underperforming ones as well, but never fear! You can revive those old, underperforming content finds with a few simple adjustments to yield the results to boost rankings.

Here are a few content marketing hacks on how to rank for old content:


Produce Quality Content Over Quantity Content

When it comes to content, most people operate under the assumption that more is better. This isn’t always the case. If you’re cranking out dozens of pieces of content in a week, posting two pieces a day, and continuing to grind your fingers into the keyboard until they’re nothing more than nubs, there’s still no guarantee that all of your new content will rank.

Focusing your attention on revamping and updating older content while churning out some new content is the best way to help your website rise in the ranks.

When Updating old content on your site, you are essentially letting Google that you are taking care of your website, and that the content is worthy to be included in search results.

Search engines like Google use bots to crawl, index, and rank websites in search results. By keeping old content fresh and optimizing for SEO best practices, you are increasing the crawl rate by bots. The more frequently the content is being crawled, the more opportunity for the content to become visible to search engines.

To be effective, you need a plan of attack and know in advance on what you are going to work on changing in that content whether it be a sentence or a paragraph. 

Look For Pages That Were Well-Loved

Start by using Google Search Console:

Google used to rank and like them, which means if you give those pages a little tender loving care, you can easily get them loved by Google again!

How to Update Your Old Content

Now that you have a list of pages to fix so you can boost your search engine rankings, it’s time to update them!

Use Google Search Console to view which keywords rank in the top five categories for your page. For keywords that don’t rank, see if they’re relevant for the article, and update it to include those keywords or terms.

In addition to including the right keywords, you’ll want to update the post. Make sure all of the information is relevant, the pictures are up to date and include relevant alt text, and if you can – include any multimedia such as YouTube videos. 

"Remember, more isn’t always better, but old can be just as good as new!"

If you need help updating your old content or are interested in getting content created for your website contact our experts at PCG Digital. We’re masters at reviving content!


Gianna Cappuccio

Gianna joined PCG in December 2018 as a Content Writer. After graduating from Montclair State University with an English degree, Gianna has not stopped reading or writing since. While a new addition to the team, Gianna truly enjoys the PCG work environment and community. In her spare time, Gianna enjoys finding new movies and shows to watch on Netflix (or just rewatching The Office for the thousandth time), reading voraciously, and practicing new recipes.

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