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Creating a Google Business Profile is essential for all businesses but especially important for RV Dealerships. The Google Business Profile allows you to display information about the dealership and even brings organic traffic from Google to your website. Making sure the Google Business Profile is optimized is key to people discovering your RV dealership.


One of the first sections in Google Business Profile after the RV dealership name is categories. Categories are an important part of your Google Business Profile because they explain what your business is to visitors and search engines. When adding categories you want to make sure they coincide with what your business does. You are allowed to add one primary category then additional secondary categories. For an RV dealership your primary category should be RV Dealer, you can add additional categories such as RV supply store and RV Storage facility as well.

Google Business Profile Categories

To get a full list of PCG’s recommended categories for your Sales and Service/Parts Google Business Profiles check out our Google Business Profile categories resource.


Ensuring that the hours are up to date and correct on your Google Business Profile is important, this allows customers to check your hours without even visiting your website. Within the hours section you can also add special hours for holidays or if you are closed on a holiday.

Google Business Profile Hours

Remember to keep your hours up to date, so you don’t miss out on potential foot traffic to the dealership.

UTM Tags on URLs

Adding UTM tags on URLs is an important step in being able to track the traffic coming to your website from Google Business Profile. All URLs should include a UTM tag, which will allow you to see in Google Analytics how the traffic is getting to your website. Below you will find the proper campaign source, medium, name and content for your UTM tags for your Google Business Profile for your RV Dealer Sales listing.

UTM Tag Generator

If you’re interested in learning more about SEO for RV dealers or how to properly optimize your Google Business Profile please reach out to the PCG Digital team today!

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